As you might have noticed, we’re making Evil Dud as a hard-copy comic.  Everything about it is designed to be printed on a page.  That’s why we don’t really post on a fixed schedule, like a lot of web-specific comics do. We’re just putting the pages up on teh weebs as they are completed.

This also why we don’t have a Patreon or other crowd-funding thing going on, Those things can work well for all the really great web comics out there that work to a schedule, but for us, there’s no way that a bit more money would make things go any faster at this point.  It would suck to take your money and not be able to give you a schedule.

We also wish this could go faster.  There is a lot of story that we haven’t even hinted at yet.

We’d like to publish this comic in hard-copy, preferably through some kind of distributor. It would help us to have some idea how many of you are reading/like this comic.

We know we are getting a lot of hits to the comic, but most of it is through feeds, which makes it hard to tell how many people are actually reading this thing.  We don’t like feed proxy services much when we read the comics we like, so we don’t use one for this comic.  We don’t like constant popping opt-in boxes when we read comics, or slurping info, or sneaky ad/tracking stuff, so we don’t use that on this site either.

This means that we are kind of flying half-blind. If you could let us know you are reading, it would help us a lot.

If you like (or are at least reading) this comic, please like us on teh Fecebooks, if you are using that kind of thing. We’ve also turned on comments for this page, so if you are wisely seeing this through a feed, please take a sec to visit the site and say “I am watching you” or something.  I’m moderating the comments, which I am sure will be uniformly glowing.

We are definitely going to do our second vanity-press self-published volume in the next little while.  It would make a great gift for the discerning and tasteful person during the holiday season!

You can still buy the first volume too!

Thanks for playing!

– netdud