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May 5th, 2014
The vinyl version of this comic was much better, but we hated it.
May 5th, 2014
It's the quiet ones you have to watch. The quiet ones with guns in particular.
Jun 19th, 2014
Hey, what the...?!
Jun 27th, 2014
You know how some people make it look easy? Don't you just HATE that?
Jul 3rd, 2014
...the harder they falter.
Jul 10th, 2014
Zombies really are $%@# dopey
Jul 18th, 2014
You must be _this_ tall to worship.
Jul 24th, 2014
I was trying to think of the perfect song for days like this, but then I realised that there is no perfect song for days like this. That's why days like this feel like days like this.
Aug 1st, 2014
It always starts with mines. But eventually, you know things are going to get out of hand.
Aug 8th, 2014
The world needs fewer monsters and more shaggy dog jokes.