Did you forget someone on your holiday gift list? Or worse, did someone surprise you with an unexpected, yet thoughtful gift?  Now you’re almost out of time to get them something in return, plus you have no idea what it would be!

We are here to help!

Just order them Volume 1 (Two in the Bird) of Evil Dud!  And if they gave you something really troublingly thoughtful, you can add  Volume 2 (Car Trouble)!

This works out perfectly for you–just click and order, and blame the lateness of the gift on us!  They’ll get a cool gift that you picked specially RIGHT FROM THE 1nETHERNETS,  not some huge popular shopping site.  And the fact that it arrived late, but within a reasonable number of days makes your story TOTALLY plausible.  Maybe even more plausible, because you KNOW how slow these little 1ntereets businesses are at the holidays!

We’ll take the hit here–BLAME US!

To make your story more believable, you should know a bunch about Evil Dud, which is why you subscribe to the  RSS feed, and have already liked us on the Fecebooks.

A comment about the comic with your name on it would also build your credibility.

Happy Seasonings!