Well shucks.  Been a couple ticks since we put up the last page.  Been some uh, stuff going on in the meantime.

We hope you are safe and healthy.  We can offer little besides that, but we will do our best to get more pages up, in case they provide at least a momentary distraction.

There are much more important things than comics, but if you love comics, they can be a pretty good way to spend some time right now.  Distributors big and small have suspended shipments of new comics for the time being, but this is a good time to catch up with some titles you let slip, or get into some new ones.  Check if your local shop has delivery or pickup options–they could really use your support and trade right now.

Some companies are offering ways to support your favorite shop when you buy online as well.  For example, TKO Studios will send half the purchase price of any titles you buy direct from them to the store of your choice.

If you know of any other deals like this, please leave a comment with a link below.  We’ll add them to our posts here and on FB.

Take care –

netdud and Nico

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