Evil Dud is a series of comic books.  It’s made to be printed and read as hard-copy.  So far, we have two comics in print: Volume 1 (“Two in the Bird”) and Volume 2 (“Car Trouble”).  You can buy Evil Dud comics right here.  They look great, they smell great, and so do you.

We post comic pages here as they are completed.  You can read all the stuff we have done so far by choosing a chapter from the menu on the comic pages.  Here’s a link to “Two in the bird” if you just want to go read comics.  That’s all you HAVE to know.


What are we doing here?

Though Evil Dud is a comic you can read on the web, it’s not really a “web comic.”  Most web comics are made to BE web comics, so they are easy to read on your phone, and they add new comics on a regular schedule.

Evil Dud is to made to be a print comic that looks the way we want it to look in book format. We’re trying to get as much as we can out of that medium, which means that things won’t work as well in other mediums.  We put the pages up in about the smallest size that allows them to still look good and be readable.  It looks pretty good on a tablet, but anything smaller than that is going to get scrolly.

Also, this stuff is really labor-intensive to make. The art for Evil Dud is photo-based–you can see how it all gets put together over on the “How it’s made” page. Nico has to stage and shoot all this stuff, then do art to it, on it, and over it, which takes a bunch of time.  Also, cameras need light, and reality can be uncooperative about that.  And Nico has a job.*

That is not meant as any kind of slight to actual web comics.  Most of netdud’s week consists of hitting refresh on consistently brilliant comics that very cleverly allow their creators to pull awesome out of their heads and deliver it regularly and completely.  Nothing is missing from those comics, and they are still a ton of work for their creators.***

What we’re doing just happens to be done a different way.

We decided not to lie to people** and say “We’ll put up pages every XX days.”  We put new pages up as often as we can, and that usually works out to about once a week, but sometimes things might slip.  If you subscribe to the RSS feed, or just check back every few days, you will see new pages.

*and netdud is very, very lazy.
**netdud is totally OK with lying to people
***Also, I wish Dr. McNinja  NEVER ended.  Not sure if that is relevant to what we’re talking about here, but it is something that should be said every few minutes.

Now you can read more about the cast in their own words–or somebody’s.