Evil Dud - Comics - 26K
Evil Dud - Volume 1 Cover - 233K

Vol 1. Two in the Bird

Meet Son and Daughter, and Mom and Dad, and some monsters and some other people and some of them die and it's fun. Someone gets hit in the head with a toaster.

Evil Dud - Volume 2 Cover - 370K

Vol 2. Car Trouble

Daughter and Son meet more people and more monsters. Son likes ZOMFU. Daughter likes taking things. OH NO SOMEONE IS TRYING TO KILL THEM! Might be more going on here than it looks.

Evil Dud - Volume 3 Cover - 203K

Vol 3. CYMK

Someone stole Daughter's guns. That was ill-advised. Is someone trying to steal Son's stuff too? Daughter is convinced to join ZOMFU, and ZOMFU asks Son to investigate some thefts. A lot of things get hacked or broken, and someone gets hit in the head with a toaster

Evil Dud - Volume 4 Cover -260K

Vol 4. RBG

Son and Daughter continue to investigate thefts. There are new Bad Guys. Daughter continues her ZOMFU training. There are guns that shouldn't exist. A lot of stuff gets burned, bad guys get beat up, and someone just barely manages to get hit in the head with a toaster.

Evil Dud - Volume 5 Cover - 218K

Vol 5. SWPO

Daughter can't get a knife because she has knife, but learns a valuable lesson about ethics and then steals something. Son uses computers to learn that someone is bad at computers. A few people get their comeuppance and one of them get hit in the head with a toaster. Someone notices Son and Daughter.